Coral disease and health consortium working group


Disease is one of the most significant and growing biological threats to tropical coral reefs around the globe.  Although a low level of disease is normal, the abundance and spread of coral disease is escalating, susceptible species are increasing in number, and mortality is increasing beyond the level expected for healthy populations.

In 2002, the Coral Disease and Health Consortium (CDHC) was created in response to the USCRTF National Action Plan. The goal of the CDHC is to provide coastal and ocean managers with scientific understanding and tools to help address coral health issues and mitigate degradation.  National and international partners—including EPA, DOI, NOAA, other federal agencies, academia, non-profit organizations, and industry—contribute their time and expertise to this endeavor.

In 2006, the USCRTF formalized the CDHC as a working group of the USCRTF through passing Resolution 16.6.  This Resolution calls on the CDHC to serve as a USCRTF Working Group to organize and coordinate scientific resources to address coral health and disease issues and link them to coral reef management. 



CDHC Hawaii Workshop

Coral Disease and Health Workshop: Coral Histopathology II

Advanced Coral Tissue Slide Reading Workshop, Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center (Report to be posted shortly)